Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Want List - Nordy (Minnesota Wild Mascot)

In the past I've updated my Want List in its entirety within a few different posts, here's the first one I did back in November.  This year I plan on updating my Want List periodically as I run across bobbleheads that I want to add to my collection.  Hopefully my readers might be able to help me out in acquiring said bobbles!

Up first is the mascot of the Wild - Nordy.  This is a retail version but it's the only Nordy bobblehead. It is a Forever Collectibles bobble, which Im not a huge fan of (surprise, surprise) but I'll say, without seeing it in person, it's a pretty good FC bobble.  It was sold at the Hockey Lodge stores in the metro several years ago.  It's not all that rare but apparently is fairly hard to find!

Let me know if you have one that you'd sell!