Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best Christmas Present Ever!!!

So about a year ago, I blogged about the Best Bobblehead ever.  Today I can blog about the Best Christmas Present ever.  Jessica (my wife) puts up with my passion of collecting bobbleheads and sometimes she even gets completely on board, much like she did with a our very own custom made bobblehead that she gave me for my wedding present almost 2 years ago.  We display that bobblehead on our mantle year-round.  But every winter she goes into Christmas decorating mode and that includes a little sass for our bobblehead.  You'll see why I'm talking about this shortly...

Christmas morning came and before celebrating with our families we had our own Christmas morning, just Jess, Murphy (our dog) and myself.  Before we started to open our gifts from one another she calmly stated, "I won this Christmas."  Obviously you know from reading my blog I'm a pretty competitive person, and so is Jess.  What did she mean by that statement, simply put she meant she got me the better presents or at least she won in terms of intrigue, thought, and me the Best Christmas Present ever!

She ordered a custom made Murphy bobblehead.  Pretty spot-on too!  I never expected this, but I knew when she said "I won this Christmas" it might be bobblehead related, however I never would have guessed it was a bobblehead of Murphy!  Merry Christmas to me!  Oh and there you can also see our scarves and "snow" that we are standing in during the winter.