Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What a journey...Goldy is mine!

Finally.  I've hit a few garage sales the past week.  Yesterday, was the best one ever.  Quality over quantity...its a great motto and for me, that's why I'm calling yesterday, the best garage sale find thus far.  This has been on my "Most Wanted List" for quite some time!  In that blog post I wrote that I didn't think it was super rare and not very expensive.  Since then I've seen 2 of these...both selling for north of $150.  I just couldn't bring myself to pay that.  If I didn't live in Minnesota, I might have pulled the proverbial trigger, but knowing that I basically live in Goldy's playground, I held out hope. That blog was 6 months ago and I had been looking for this specific Goldy for at least a year prior to that.  18 months is a long time to wait.  But wait no more.  As I strolled up to the sellers garage I immediately saw the bobbleheads displayed (about 15-20 of them).  Then, like a tractor beam my eyes focused on a yellow jersey Goldy hockey bobblehead.  Outside, it was no different than any other bobblehead.  However, inside, I was a giddy 3 year old sitting in front of cake, or better dog Murphy eyeing a piece of steak, drooling in anticipation for what's about to be his.

Finally, I can add this one to my collection.  University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Goldy Gold Country Hockey (Yellow Jersey) bobblehead.  Hell yes!