Friday, April 3, 2015

My first Custom!?!

The more I learn about bobbleheads, read about bobbleheads and see thing always grabs my attention - customized bobbleheads.  I'm not talking about the Best Bobblehead Ever or the Best Christmas Present Ever...I'm talking about customizing a promotional bobblehead into something different, something nobody else has done.  For instance, look at this, ahem, "well used" Joe Mauer bobblehead.

If you can't tell, click on the picture to see all the scrapes and scratches on his face.  Definitely not a bobblehead worthy of being displayed...even if it is of Baby Jesus.  I picked up this Mauer in a lot of other bobbleheads I bought.  It was super cheap, so if I didn't ever do anything with it, I wasn't out much.  But my idea was to customize it.  And so...about 6 weeks ago, I really started researching the best ways to go about this.  Most Twins fans love the powder blue jerseys so I knew that was the main color I wanted.  The rest of it...I had no idea.  After getting some awesome tips from a few other collectors, I was on my way.  

Obviously the powder blue would make it different enough from the SGA, but I wanted to make it somewhat close (if possible) to the actual jersey the team wore when they did wear throwback jerseys.  Google is my friend.  I found plenty online and I was ready to start.  I won't get into the finer they might bore plenty of you (if you are interested tho, feel free to email me -  Below, the pictures basically tell the story.  Enjoy!

And finally a before and after close up.  The last phase of my customization was to "gloss" the new bobble.  It's a clear coat, a protectant of sorts that I used to cover the entire bobblehead.  I'm not exactly happy with the outcome, it still looks fine, but in my opinion, its too glossy.  So for the next custom, I'll be looking for something different.  In the end, this one is so much better than the original and I had a ton of fun making it.  It took plenty of time, but it was time well spent!