Friday, May 15, 2015

Goldy Bobbleheads - The Common 6

Here's a picture of the 6 most commonly seen Goldy bobbleheads. They were fairly easy to find a few years ago and still aren't uncommon, but more and more are damaged in one way or another.  There are 2 different baseball Goldy's.  The one in the white jersey was a giveaway at a baseball game with Hormel sponsoring it.  The other one, just like it's 4 counterparts are all part of the Rainbow Foods promotion.  You could find these on campus pretty easy when they were originally giveaways, and then later, you were able to buy them in Rainbow Foods stores.  I have seen both the wrestling Goldy as well as the basketball Goldy plaque-less.  I don't know the story behind those.  The hockey Goldy is the most valuable of the bunch and the wrestling Goldy is the one I see most commonly damaged. With his arms in front of him like they are, his fingers are often broken.

Check back soon for another variation of Goldy in bobblehead form!