Monday, March 7, 2016

Sneak Peek - Chris Doleman Bobblehead!!

The Vikings (as with all NFL teams) don't do SGA bobbleheads.  There really is no need, they don't do giveaways in general as most teams sellout all their home games without the promotion angle. However, some other professional and semi-professional teams do giveaways of football players.

Minor league baseball teams are the best at coming up with completely awesome and unique bobbleheads.  As one minor league marketing manager told me, "creativity is the life force of minor league baseball!" That simple message speaks volumes about the promotions most teams do during the summer.

Luckily for all Minnesota Vikings fans and bobblehead collectors, the York Revolution is giving away a Chris Doleman bobblehead this summer.  Doleman went to school at York High, (technically, William Penn Senior High School) and obviously went on to be one of the best Vikings of all-time. It's the Revolution's 10th anniversary so they are doing some wonderful giveaways and Doleman (depicted wearing his York High football jersey) is one of the best!

Book your tickets now to get to York on June 3rd!  The first 1500 people will get the Doleman bobblehead.  Here's the link to buy tickets to the giveaway game.  And lastly, check out the picture below, pretty sweet football related bobblehead eh!?!  SKOL!!!