Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trevor Plouffe Skywalker Star Wars Bobblehead

I knew it was happening soon, but didn't expect the announcement today (kind of expected it yesterday).  The Twins announced their theme night giveaways today.  I previously blogged about one of these theme nights being bobblehead related.  Plenty of people debated who the Star Wars bobblehead would be.  I don't think many people thought it would be Trevor Plouffe, but I'm not unhappy with this at all.  Plouffe hasn't had a Twins bobblehead yet and he's more deserving than some other players.  I think a lot of people were hoping for a Buxton Star Wars bobble.

Just like last year's version (Phil Hughes), you have to order special tickets that are sold on a limited basis.  Plenty of other theme night stuff is available too, but obviously the bobblehead is what I'm all about!