Friday, March 11, 2016

Pepsi One Mascot Bobbleheads (Update)

Back in 2014 I wrote a blog about the Pepsi One Mascot Bobblehead Set.  It's one of my most read blog entries.  Click here to review it!  I've been contemplating writing another blog relating to this bobblehead set and today is the day.  Why would I blog about it a second time, besides it being a popular read and a popular set, I do have some new information.

Hopefully you clicked the link above because I'm not restating much from the previous blog.  I've been helping several different collectors complete this collection.  I think at the moment it stands at 5 different people that are searching for these bobbles and I've completed the set for another 4-5 people. I wouldn't be surprised if more people contacted me looking for specific bobbleheads from this set, as I do come across them fairly regularly.  You'll see from the previous blog that a lot of the extras ended up in Maple Plain, MN.

I met one of the guys that "saved" hundreds of these bobbleheads.  Him and a buddy of his were working out of this warehouse when several of the warehouse workers were dumping box after box of these into the dumpster.  He literally asked them to stop what they were doing as he wanted to take them all home if they were simply going to be thrown away.  After getting the "ok" from management, he saved hundreds (if not a thousand) of these mascot bobbles.  Between him and his friend they estimate they each took home between 30 and 60 boxes.  And when I say "boxes" I mean shipping boxes that contained anywhere between 18 and 24 bobbleheads in each box.  That number adds up pretty quickly, eh?

Since I try to be as accurate as possible, I was thrilled to have met this guy and get his first hand account of what happened.  I had heard the same story through other sources but never from THE source, which is what I wanted.  Here are a couple pictures of the set, missing one (Kansas State).