Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pepsi One Mascot Bobbleheads

I've been trying to track down information about this set for quite some time.  The information below might not be totally accurate and its been pulled from several different sources.  So, if you can add anything to the story behind these bobbleheads, please do.

I believe in the 2003-2005 range, Pepsi One did a set of 33 college mascot bobbleheads.  It included both major and minor conference schools.  AGP produced the bobbleheads and the detail in them is amazing. That's the reason I decided to collect this set even tho it has nothing to do with Minnesota - well at least the teams don't.  Besides that, its a pretty tough collection to put together.  At the time, you had to redeem points (from purchasing Pepsi One cans/bottles).  I've heard 2 different variations.  The first is, so many points got you one bobblehead of your choice.  The second, another batch of points got you 3 bobbleheads of your choice.  Also, only 1 set of points could be redeemed by the same person.  And from the sounds of it, lots of points were needed to get the batch of bobbleheads.  Add in the fact that there are 33 pieces to this set, you'd have to come across a lot of friends who drank Pepsi One.

I teased that Minnesota wasn't really involved in the Mascots earlier - which is true.  But Minnesota is heavily involved in the story.  I've heard the same thing from numerous people, a lot of these Pepsi One Mascots ended up in the Minnesota area.  Not sure why that is, but it certainly seems to be true.

Update: The bobbleheads ended up in Minnesota because the redemption company has a warehouse in Maple Plain, Minnesota.  All bobbleheads were supposed to be destroyed once the redemption period ended.  However, we know that most likely didn't happen.

Here's the set, broken down into 4 pictures.  Who's your favorite?

Also - there is one bobblehead missing from these pictures - Kansas State.