Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A simple email led to dozens of bobbleheads

Earlier this year (I believe sometime in January or February) an email exchange happened through eBay.  2 collectors talking bobbleheads, I don't think either of us thought it would come to what it has.  I was looking for a few bobbleheads as was he, we exchanged numbers and texted a little off and on.  Eventually we made a trade...I can't even remember what our first trade was.  And it's not because it was insignificant, mainly because we've made several trades since then and they all kind of blend together.

Now we text on a weekly basis for the most part.  He's also a collector, but not huge on bobbleheads, he knows several other collectors and dealers who might be looking for specific bobbleheads.  He has my want list and he knows I try to buy in bulk so usually have something decent to trade.

This relationship works out well for both of us.  We agree on fair trades, introduce each other to bobbleheads the other didn't know much about and generally have a great time learning more about the world of bobblehead collecting.  He's given me some great advice on collecting in general too!

If you've read many of my other posts you'll know I'm not one to drop names it's just not my style and a lot of people wish to stay anonymous.  So I'll keep it that way.

I just find it very interesting that a simple email has led to dozens of bobbleheads being exchanged between 2 guys.  I'm extremely fortunate that the email thread even started.  It's certainly increased my collection a lot!  Just a little lesson to anyone out there - you never know what could come from a one sentence email!