Thursday, April 24, 2014

Minnesota Twins ST Bobblehead Set (Part 6 - Year 2006)

The 2006 ST set is probably my favorite.  It includes 4 players from the 65 Heroes set.  Earl Battey, Tony Oliva, Harmon Killebrew and Bob Allison.  It's a really good looking set, part of the reason I like this set so much are the uniforms.  This set is also unique because the full 2006 ST set is actually 5 bobbleheads, but the 5th, Zoilo Versalles wasn't part of the 4 bobblehead set.  The only ticket holders that got him were the ones who purchased a specific season ticket plan and seats. Because of that, the entire 5 bobblehead set is very tough to put together.  I recently added the Versalles bobblehead to my collection.

Below I've uploaded the comparison picture of the 2006 ST set and the 2005 SGA set.  You'll notice that I only have 3 of the SGA bobbleheads because the other is the group of 10 1965 Heroes bobbleheads, which I'll blog about at a later date!