Thursday, April 10, 2014

Minnesota Wild Complete SGA Set - 2013-14

I blogged about the 2013-14 Wild giveaways back in December.  If you missed it, check it out here. As you know, I'm a big fan of how the Wild do their SGA bobblehead promotions.  To the serious and passionate collectors, a specialized box is almost as important as the bobblehead itself.  Compared to the Twins bobbleheads (for the most part) any generic plain white box will do.  If the bobblehead fits well, nobody will ever know if that was the original box or not - but really, its a plain white generic box - who the hell cares?  However, the Wild's bobbleheads have awesome boxes.  They are sharp, catch your eye and obviously are part of the collection.  Check them out below.  

The bobbleheads themselves are also great.  They are high quality, nice and sturdy pieces.  Dany Heatley, Ryan Suter, Zach Parise, Jason Pominville, and Jonas Brodin make up the 5 player set.  I've seen prices on these vary a ton.  Some have gone for $25 while others have reached $200 on eBay. You can see the entire set below.