Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Second Custom Bobblehead - Glen Perkins

Several months ago I blogged about my first custom bobblehead.  I learned several little tricks while doing my Mauer custom bobblehead.  At the time I had ideas of specific customs I wanted to try. Even tho I still have those ideas, a couple other ones jumped to the front of the line.

Everyone knows my passion for Gopher Sports.  Being a U of MN Alum...maroon and gold always get my attention. I blogged about this specific bobblehead back in 2014...the final SGA bobblehead the Twins did that season, Glen Perkins.  After doing the Mauer bobblehead, I kept looking at the Perkins bobblehead, but his arms in front of his stomach caused a huge problem as I figured it'd be extremely messy when trying to paint around/under/over and in between that area of the bobblehead. Luck would have it...I received a broken bobblehead I bought from eBay...the arm was out of socket, but easily glued back into place and it looks just like new.  I found a couple extra Perkins bobbleheads and about a month ago started the process.  The first part - breaking his arms from the sockets they are glued in.  Once I did that cleanly (enough) the customizing was on.  See a side by side look of Glen Perkins, his SGA bobblehead and Perkins in his Twins uniform with his Alma mater's colors - Maroon and Gold.