Wednesday, June 4, 2014

St. Paul Saints Giveaway

About a month ago a buddy of mine mentioned he saw the Saints had announced their promotions this year, including a Charlie Brown bobblehead.  If you've been collecting bobbleheads over the past few years and know anything about the Saints promotions, you'll know that the Charlie Brown bobblehead is fairly rare. In a top 5 list of Saints bobbleheads, I'd rank it #2 (behind only the infamous Larry Craig bobblefoot).  It appears the Saints are giving away the bobblehead again.  The promotion says "Return of the 2001 Charlie Brown Bobblehead Giveaway."

I have a few thoughts on this.  First, I really hope they don't giveaway the same exact bobblehead from 2001.  Why you ask?  Even tho its a very popular bobblehead, its the same, this will reduce the value of all 2001 bobbleheads and the rarity of that one will no longer be there.  Also, its somewhat lazy by the Saints...bring it back but make it recognizably different.  Because I had questions, I dug a little further.  What I heard back was this "The bobblehead will look almost identical to the 2001 giveaway."  Exactly what I didn't want to hear.  

I recently saw one of these on eBay sell for roughly $90, of course that was the 2001 version.  I'm sure there will be plenty of 2014 versions on eBay shortly after the giveaway date, which is August 10th.  Looks like they'll be giving away 1000 - good luck and have fun standing in line!!

Below is the 2001 version!