Thursday, November 13, 2014

My much anticipated Want List!

Much anticipated might be stretching it!  I know several people have inquired about bobbleheads I'm looking for and I have a list in my head but to get it on paper (and more important in picture form) takes a bit of time and work!  I've been working on it for the past couple of months.  Trying to come up with pictures at the very least!  

So over the next week or 2, I'll be doing a "blog mini series" on my want list.  I'm not sure how many blog posts it'll cover but I'm sure there will be several.  My want list covers the minor leagues, northwoods league and the pros.  In most of the major sports as well!  Also, random Minnesota bobbleheads too - which are the ones I know the least about.  So if you have information on a random bobblehead that has Minnesota ties...PLEASE let me know!  

Check back soon for the first part in this multi-part series!