Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TwinsFest 2015

TwinsFest returns to Target Field this coming January.  Read more about TwinsFest 2014 at the 2 links below!

Twinsfest = Success

Here are a couple more pictures from the 2014 TwinsFest.  Target Field probably looked the same last night (if the lights were on).

In a little over 2 months thousands of Twins fans will fill up the Target Field corridors.  This is the second year the annual event will be held at Target Field.  It's definitely a more intimate setting when compared to the Dome days of TwinsFest.  The biggest complaint I heard last year (and continue to hear from dealers and collectors) revolved around the memorabilia showcase area.  I wonder if the Twins will move this to a different area in Target Field.  I have to think there are better areas for it, but the big question is if those areas are available!  

Check out the announcement about TwinsFest 2015.