Saturday, January 17, 2015

1 on 1 - AGP (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2

I’m assuming the Twins were the first team from MN to contact you to produce bobbleheads?  Do you remember anything about that? 
I wasn’t with AGP when the Twins started with us back in, 2002 I believe?  I was with a rival company, and we were also making bobbles for the Twins.  My past company made a series of 4” mini bobbles that McDonalds gave away with the Twins.  That competition is actually what got me to come to AGP...I was taking sales from Malcom.   See, competition IS good! Actually I’m old school.  This may be my favorite Twins bobble.

What other Minnesota based teams/companies have you produced bobbleheads for?
The Wild, the Swarm (Lacrosse), and the vast majority of minor league baseball and hockey teams in Minnesota...oh...and Jesse Ventura (though I can’t find a photo for you...sorry about that).

My interview with Todd was exceptional.  I had a ton of fun with it and I don't think he really minded it either (hopefully he enjoyed it too).  It's really interesting getting to learn more about the production side of things.  I'm sure some of you knew this by doing a custom bobblehead (to be honest, my wife knew more about that side of things than me - because she's now made me 2 custom bobbleheads).

I'm planning on touching base with Todd again in the near future.