Monday, January 12, 2015

SGA Image Gallery

Back in November I wrote about my idea of having some sort of Image Gallery tied into the blog. Refresh your memory here.  Without much hype I added an Image Gallery of the Twins SGA bobbleheads about a week ago.  In addition to that, I've also added a slideshow that displays on the right sidebar when viewing the blog.  Click on Minnesota Twins SGA Photo Gallery to be directed straight to the image gallery.  Or just view the slideshow as it runs thru all the Twins SGA bobbleheads.

Slowly buy surely the blog is coming together...maybe not as pretty or professional as other blogs in this genre but no bitching...I'm doing what I can!  :)

Here's a screen-print of the sidebar.  You can see 2 clickable links for SGA and STH bobbleheads and then each slideshow below them.  If you are trying to find out the difference between 2 bobbleheads or the years specific bobbleheads were released, just check the Photo Gallery!