Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Goals

My last post did a little rewind on 2014 and looked back to see the results of my 2014 goals.  Here's my first stab at my goals for 2015.

1. Clear off some of the bobbleheads on my Want List! (Hint - I've already found one)

2. Connect with another manufacturer and do another interview - of course to share with you, the reader!

3.  Meet a few more bobblehead collectors and introduce them to my blog!  I've talked to several of you already and as I've said several times  in the past, its always a pleasure to meet and chat about bobbleheads and your collection!

4. Find a few "new" Minnesota related bobbleheads.  It seems like every month or 2, I'll come across a bobblehead that I've never seen before that has some sort of Minnesota ties, depending on that tie, I may or may not add it to my Want List, but it's always fun to see new ones.

5. Collect all the 2015 Twins bobbleheads - from what I know, they haven't been announced yet, but once they are, I'll be sure to blog about them!

6. Find out more about Northwoods League bobbleheads.  This is one collection that seems to be never ending. There are mascots, players, local celebrities and so far I haven't been able to come up with a full list.

7. Complete my SGA COA card collection.  As most of you know, most of the Twins SGA bobbleheads came with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) card.  I think this ended in 2010 as they haven't been included the past several years.  When I started collecting, I didn't care about the card, but as my collection has grown, I've been able to nearly complete the COAs, I believe I only need 1 or 2 more.

8.  I'd love to be able to talk with any of the pro sports teams and their marketing department about bobbleheads.  I just have to get in touch with the right person on the right team!

9.  Connect more bobblehead collectors!  This past year I've connected a couple different bobblehead collectors.  It's nice to be able to connect a couple collectors or find specific bobbleheads for a fellow collector.  I also have a feeling this increases my karma points - who knows if it works, but I'll keep telling myself it does!

10.  Finally...just like last year, have fun hunting!  I don't have any doubts that I'll complete #10, but it is important, as this is a hobby of mine, to keep it fun.  The hunt continues...