Friday, February 6, 2015

Bobblehead buys...gone wrong!?! Suspicious to me!

I don't buy a ton of bobbleheads - at least not compared to some collectors out there but this has happened to me, and I'm sure to some of you at some point in the past.  It's beyond frustrating and to me, just downright wrong.  

I was recently reading posts on a bobblehead group and one of them was about this exact situation. 

Here's the background...You bid on a bobblehead on eBay, watch it until the item ends.  eBay says you won the bobblehead.  You pay for it and wait for the seller to update the item with shipping and tracking information.  That doesn't happen for a day or 2.  You get an email from the seller saying something along the lines of "sorry but the bobblehead fell off the counter and broke, I'll refund you your money."  At which point, you probably aren't happy and probably somewhat frustrated.  You get your refund and move on with life.  

My question - did the dog really eat the seller's homework?  I'm 100% confident in saying that at times, yes, the dog did eat the homework.  I'm also 100% confident in saying, quite often that homework, err...the bobblehead (that you won) is in perfectly fine condition and in the hands of someone else or in a box heading somewhere else.  Some seller's on eBay (and Craigslist too) make this move.  Another buyer comes along within 12-24 hours of the auction ending on eBay and offering a price above the one you won the bid at.  Seller sees more money, takes more money, refunds you your money and everyone...but the buyer, is happy. 

But, at least you got your money back, right?  Frustrating tho, right?  It happens.  I completely sympathize with any buyer that goes through this.  And I completely despise any seller who does. I've had multiple opportunities to sell something for a higher price, but I've never done it and never will do it.  Once I make a deal, in my mind, it's a done deal.  Story closed, that bobblehead is no longer for sale.  I've held bobbleheads for months for guys that I've done deals with in the past.  I have no problem doing that.  If I haven't dealt with someone before, they don't get the same type of treatment. But I'll never make that type of play.  

I've also had similar things happen.  For instance, guy responds to craigslist ad, says he wants items A, B and 4.  (like what I did there?) :)  We agree on price.  He says he's not local and he doesn't have paypal (suspicious in this day and age, especially when you are looking at other state's craigslist ads). I tell him thats fine, send me a check.  I'll hold the bobbleheads for a few days (giving the post office a day or 2 extra).  Check never arrives.  I email potential buyer, tell him, he says it went out on a specific day.  I wait 3 business days from then.  At this point, 95% chance he's lying.  100% chance I'll never do business with him again.  

Just some food for thought on a sunny Friday in Minneapolis.  Try not to get too offended or frustrated when this happens...but know that most of us sympathize with you!  Happy Friday!