Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Surprise addition to the Twins 2015 Bobblehead Lineup

Today the Twins announced another one of their 2015 promotions.  For the 2nd day in a row, its a bobblehead.  Yesterday I blogged about the Brian Dozier bobblehead.  I figured Phil Hughes and Paul Molitor would get some Twitter love when the Twins did their TweetPeek of their bobbleheads, but so far, they haven't.  Today's TweetPeek is a Vintage style looking bobblehead boy.  Several other MLB teams have done this vintage style giveaways in years past, but the Twins haven't, until now. Here's the picture!

Also, after sending a couple emails I have a bit more information on the Brian Dozier bobblehead.  The look of it made it appear to be a Forever Collectibles bobblehead.  Good news (at least for me) it's not!  It's from Success Promotions.  They also did the Dozier STH bobble and the Wild set from last year.  I'm a fan of their work and am glad the Twins used them for Dozier again in 2015.  I'm not sure who did the Vintage bobble, it looks like a TEI (Twins Enterprises) but I have a feeling, its not.  Once I get more info on that...I'll let you know!

Oh and this was my view last night...and hopefully will be the same exact view for the next 10 evenings.  Maui Sunset...nothing better.