Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This week in...Maui!

Jess and I have been in Maui since the 9th of February.  I expected to have a little downtime here and there and I bought my laptop with me.  The first couple of days were rainy so we stayed in a bit more than we would have liked.  Then a couple days ago there was a huge storm so that also delayed our "beach time" a little bit.

But even while in Maui, it's been a good time for the Bobble Hunter.  I've made a couple deals since I've been here - I'll share those once I get home and receive the bobbleheads!  I've also learned quite a bit from the Twins about the 2015 bobbleheads and received pictures of them all, except Manager Molitor!  Check out this link for updated pictures.  I've also sold several bobbleheads since I've been here.  That was completely unexpected, but anything to help off-set the cost of a Maui vacation is good with me!

What's also good with me...the views.  We drove up to watch the sunset last night from the top of Mount Haleakala.  At just over 10,000 feet we saw a pretty amazing sunset.  What sucks...we were absolutely freezing...when the temp was a balmy 52 degrees.  What sucks even more...we leave in 2 days and have to go back to the frigid temps of Minnesota...where as I write this, its a whopping 8 degrees...but hey, at least its 8 above zero!

Again, with views like this...and weather mainly in the 70s and low 80s...I wish our vacation wasn't ending but!