Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brian Dozier SGA Bobblehead

It's 10:17 where I'm at right now (Maui)...rainy but beautiful.  Doing a little work at the moment and got this picture that my buddy Zane sent me.  It's the first bobblehead the Twins have released.  Brian Dozier giveaway on July 25th.  It certainly appears to be a Forever Collectibles bobblehead, the base is a dead giveaway.  I've sent a couple emails to try to confirm that.  I'll update the blog once I learn more.  Here's the picture!

Oh...and I'm not missing the snow that Minneapolis is getting right now one bit.  I might not blog much over the next 10 days...and there is good reason for it.  I'm on vacation right now, but I will be working a little bit and on rainy days...I'll try to blog now and then.  Back to regular blogging on February 23rd.