Friday, February 27, 2015

Former Gopher Bobblehead

I had heard of this bobblehead giveaway a couple months ago.  In that time I had to think about whether or not I was going to try to get one.  Kyle Okposo played for the Gophers and I figured, if I could find it for a decent price, I'd pick it up.  I searched for it a few different times on eBay and I never saw it for less than $50.  At that price and since he's wearing his Islanders jersey, I wasn't too interested.  I got lucky tho and emailed a New York seller to see if he was going to have any.  We made a deal and I had my bobblehead.

I believe this was a special giveaway.  First, season ticket holders had the chance to get them and then they sold special tickets (I'm guessing similar to that of the Sid Hartman bobbleheads that were given away last year a Twins game) that fans were able to purchase.