Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bad call?

Since most of the sports world is talking about the horrendous call that Seattle made...to lose the Super Bowl, I thought it would be fun...err...interesting...err...well we've all made bad calls and I'm going to share a couple of mine.  Hindsight is 20-20 but dammit sometimes it'd be nice to know what's really sitting in front of you.

2 situations stand out for me.  If I knew what I knew now...at the time I was in this situation, my collection would have an additional 120-130 bobbleheads!  This happened early on when I was collecting.  I had responded to a craigslist ad for Twins bobbleheads.  If you've read previous blog posts, you'll know my passion started with Goldy bobbleheads but quickly moved to Twins bobbleheads.  The guy selling them had several and invited me over to look over them and pick out the ones I wanted.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  He had lots of Twins and a ton of other random bobbleheads, many Minnesota related.  Since I didn't know, at the time, that I was going to end up collecting all these random Minnesota ones, I focused solely on the Twins.  The prices were extremely fair too as he was just happy they were going to another collector.

I'm sure my wife doesn't mind that I missed out on this opportunity.  She'll probably smile and say "Thank God" under her breath or something...when she reads this.  That is...if she ever reads this thing!  And yes...I did go back to the guy and see if he had any of those still available and unfortunately he told me he sold all of them to a local dealer.

My second bad call has a very similar feel to the first.  I was a newbie at garage sales.  I noticed one that wasn't that much out of the way for me, so I stopped by on my way home from work.  I scoured their entire sale and only came across 2 bobbleheads.  The ad said "tons of bobbleheads."  Obviously they were genius marketing wizards, right?  Wrong...I asked about the bobbleheads.  The lady chuckled and responded with..."oh, most of them were sold this morning, when they are all under $5 each, they go quick!"  I pretty much kicked my own ass on the way back to my car.  The 2 that were left...Delmon Young, both versions (SGA & STH), I figured he deserved to sit on that table a while longer.