Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Yearly Recap - Part 5

This is my final yearly recap blog entry.  I've had many great deals this year and a few bad ones.  I'd love to eliminate the bad ones, but that's part of collecting (and learning while "on the job").  My final recap of 2015 is about the relationships you make while collecting.  I've met a couple really cool guys while collecting.  They are vastly more knowledgeable than me on the collecting industry as a whole (I might have more knowledge on specific Minnesota bobbleheads), but the relationships I've built with them are tremendous.  The deals we work out are good to great for all sides.  If I have questions, I feel completely comfortable asking them as they'll be honest and upfront with me about a potential deal.  They've saved me from the possibility of making dumb deals and I truly appreciate that.

I try to pass that on to my blog readers and other people I do deals with.  I've gotten plenty of emails asking about the value or rarity of a specific bobblehead.  I've had collectors ask me about deals they are in the process of making.  I've had people ask me to help them with a deal.  Karma is a very real thing and I certainly aim to be on the right side of it!

Collectors helping collectors, right?