Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bobbleheads and Certificates of Authenticity

I get asked all the time if a bobblehead is worth more with its Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Easy answer is yes, the COA definitely adds value.  Some people will only buy bobbleheads with a COA, while others could care less.  And most bobbleheads now do not come with a COA.  However, in the early years of Twins and Timberwolves bobbleheads, all game giveaway bobbles came with a COA. Unfortunately many of the people who received the giveaways tossed the COA.  Because of that, there are a lot less COA's than there are bobbleheads, that's pretty much a fact.

If you are a collector who needs COAs to complete your collection, my buddy Bill can hook you up. Check out his site at Minnesota Fan Store.  If he doesn't have a COA you need, email and ask for it, he'll probably be able to find one for you!