Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 Yearly Recap - Part 3

I previously blogged about a deal that didn't work out.  I take pride in making deals that eventually work out for me.  I try to stick to my standards and budget as much as possible.  There were a couple garage sale deals that worked out extremely well.  There is no grand plan of figuring out which garage sales are the best.  I've been to sales that were extremely well marketed that turned out to be duds (that's putting it nicely) and I've been to sales on a whim that turned out great.  The first sale was marketed pretty well (not the best it could have been because they had so much stuff and 90% of it was quality stuff).  I chatted up the owner a bit and can only assume he and his wife were pretty big sports fans in general.  I wouldn't say they were the typical "collectors" though.  I bought several bobbleheads at the sale plus some random other stuff (mostly sports related).  I worked out deals where eventually the bobbleheads I kept were basically free.  

The second sale was completely on a whim and it turned out to be better than the one I just mentioned.  Lots of bobbleheads.  Lots of other giveaway type items.  I bought quite a bit of stuff, and sometimes at sales, the more stuff you buy the better deals you get.  I was able to re-sell a lot of the stuff and traded the rest of what I didn't want, so it worked out quite well for me!  

My main focus at sales is being nice and courteous.  I was surprised that this doesn't seem to be a common theme among "garale-salers."  Some are quite rude and in a hurry.  I was at a sale where another guy drove up to the house, decided he was going to park in the driveaway (there were lots of items lined up on the driveway) and was smoking...and not just smoking...but didn't even put it out when he walked around the garage.