Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2015 Yearly Recap - Part 1

In my previous blog I mentioned doing a yearly recap.  This will be a blog series as there are a few different stories I want to share.  Some good, some bad, some good and bad!  I try really hard to keep track of all the bobbleheads I come across, but honestly...its tough.  Sometimes I just forget to update my spreadsheet and other times I update it, but not 100% accurately because I wait a few days and forget everything about a deal.  Luckily for me...it's not imperative that everything is 100% complete!

The first garage sale I went to...a random drive by on my way home from work netted me a Hrbek/Gant 1991 World Series bobblehead.  That might have been a bit of foreshadowing of what was to come in 2015.  When it comes to bobbleheads that you might find (not super rare ones) the Hrbek/Gant is about the best you can get.  The bobblehead(s) itself was in great condition. Unfortunately there was no box.  For most collectors this is somewhat of a dealbreaker, especially when it comes to the Hrbek/Gant bobblehead as it comes with a picture box and styrofoam packaging.  I already had my own so this was to trade or sell, which limited my market as I wasn't going to ship this one without the proper packaging.  Sometimes tho, when it comes to great bobbles like this...you still pick it up because it was well worth it!

Here's the Hrbek/Gant bobblehead along with the box, which has value in itself!
I've had some bad buys too at garage sales.  Some people are very good and making a garage sale ad seem extremely appealing.  Several times I've wasted my time in going to sales that appear (on paper) to be exactly what I'm looking for, just because there is an "S" on the end of bobblehead, doesn't mean there will be 10 or 20 of them (of course at times it does).  So just remember, garage sales in general are very hit and miss!