Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 Spring/Summer Finds #4

Checking in at #4 of my best Spring/Summer Finds in 2014 is a group of Twins bobbleheads.  No picture for this one (as I didn't remember to take it).  I learned about a garage sale that had lots of sports collectibles.  I figured I'd find something that I liked and it wasn't too far from my house so I checked it out early one morning before going to work.  I'm glad I did.  I came away with 11 Twins bobbleheads plus a couple others that were good trade assets.  The deal I got was incredible as well. Since I bought so many, the seller was more than happy to give me a solid discount.  None of these were rare or hard to find, but all of them were in excellent condition and most came in their original box too.  The seller wanted to move these and I was happy to buy them.

As I mentioned - 2 non-twins made for nice trade bait too, one has already been traded and am working on another trade with the other.  A few of the Twins bobbleheads were thrown into a bigger trade as well.

Sometimes if the price is right, it makes sense to buy - even if you don't have a current need or desire for a specific bobblehead.  I knew these would be valuable down the road, and that road hasn't even been a long one!