Thursday, October 30, 2014

My office view from the past couple of days

I don't really blog about things outside the bobblehead world - since this blog is a bobblehead blog. So many of you might not know that I grew up on a farm in southwestern MN near the town of Jackson.  I see my parents and friends back there quite often but one of my favorite times to go is during the fall.  Fall is the best time of year.  This past week, Jess and I went down for a few days.  It was the first time I was actually able to do something anywhere close to physical labor since my surgery.  

My office view on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was much different than my normal view. Collecting bobbleheads and this blog is simply a hobby of mine - a passionate one, but only a hobby. My weekly office view is out of huge glass block windows that overlook Northeast Minneapolis.

Quite different than the view below.  However, the view below gives me peace, happiness and a great appreciation of where I come from.  It also allows me to think about life in general.  At times I thought about blog ideas and bobbleheads.  I've mentioned before and really want to connect with more of my readers.  I kept coming back to that question.  So in order to connect with more of my my readers I'm asking you to send pictures of your collection, or your favorite bobblehead or a new bobblehead you just found.  Send blog ideas or ask questions about previous posts.  Get in touch with me.  We all collect bobbleheads or maybe you just like my writing style, while others just put up with it to see pictures of stuff I find.  

Hell - maybe the first question to get a response is this, why DO you read my blog? :)