Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Spring/Summer Finds #5

I'm doing a 5 part series counting down my 5 best finds from the 2014 Spring and Summer.  At times I won't be able to tell you where I found the specific item, not because I don't want to, but because I don't remember!

Coming in at #5 is a Joe Mauer Autographed bobblehead.  This was a bittersweet find.  I had went to an estate sale with some knowledge that several bobbleheads would be for sale and for pretty good prices.  Notably, first year SGAs of Puckett, Hrbek, and possibly Killebrew.  I knew for a fact the Puckett and Hrbek were there and had heard the Killebrew was also for sale as well as 15-20 other Twins bobbleheads.

If you haven't been to an estate sale, they can be quite frustrating.  Not knowing where anything is located, the mad rush of people trying to get in to find those special treasures they value and at times unhelpful people who run the sale.  At other times, estate sales are wonderful.  This one fell somewhere in between.

I was lead to believe the bobbleheads were displayed (which to me, they would have been easily noticeable).  This was not the case at all.  They ended up being in their plain white boxes within another larger box, on the floor AND under a table.  A few were displayed but not the ones I was hoping to snag.  I scoured the house for 5-7 minutes before walking out.  When I was about to leave I saw the box.  There were about 10 bobbleheads left.  Another guy had spotted it before me (obviously) but the one he didn't take was a Mauer Autograph bobblehead (seen below).  I fully believe the guy saw Mauer and didn't take it out of the box to look at it.  Once I saw the auto, I knew I was buying it.  I bought a couple others for a decent price and went on my way.

This was a nice find, but I was hoping for more so I did leave a bit disappointed.